Monday, June 16, 2014


I'm making a statement and I say it not because I dislike Francisco Cervelli. I actually like him alot with the Yankees club.  I say it because I can see the Yankee brass wheels starting to turn.  We need to make some changes if we want a productive run down the stretch, and I believe it would be smart to doing something drastic. Not because we should get rid of a catcher, but because we could really use some starting pitching and getting rid of a catcher could help us get that. See where I'm going?

Look, I am going to make a suggestion... I believe that Francisco Cervelli's days could be numbered. But it won't happen tomorrow. It will happen by the trade deadline. What do I mean? Exactly this...

The Yankees will no doubt demote John Ryan Murphy when Cervelli comes back, but you and I know that they shouldn't. After all, John Ryan has done some pretty great things with the Yankees since Cervelli's been on the shelf.

(In photo: John Ryan Murphy)
Murphy, being young, is a good thing for the Yankees.  He also earned his keep with the club so far this season, filling in when Cervelli was out.  But, for the sake of experience, the Yankees will most likely send down Murphy because Cervelli is out of options and they'll want to play him.  Murphy on the other hand will be playing every day down in the minors. Meanwhile, they Yankees will play Cervelli as the backup up in the Bigs, but will showcase him along the way.

It's a "Hey, we have Cervelli. He's a good catcher, but we want starting pitching in return."  They will show off Frankie and no doubt teams will bite. This, in turn will hopefully get us an offer for some starting pitching, and starting pitching we definitely need.

I honestly don't know what else the Yankees can do. I mean sure, the idea of Brian Roberts at second hasn't thrilled me, but we need a second baseman.  It would be foolish to flip someone like Murphy, because that would just fall into the bad reputation the Yankees already have about highlighting, then trading youth away.  And then you have guys like Ichiro Suzuki, who have been often floated as a trading chip. My question is, why trade a guy like Ichiro?  He's actually HELPING the club and filling in whenever we need him... he's an asset, not a liability.  It's my guess that the right move is to move Cervelli.  Again, it's not a smart idea, but we need to do something drastic, a shakeup, we need pitching. It's the right idea.

Don't agree? Tell me why, comment.

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