Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I've been ranking on David Phelps pretty badly lately.  But luckily for the BYB readers, we have both sides. Suzie Pinstripe's a believer, along with alot of the readers as well.  Read our most popular post from yesterday titled: DAVID PHELPS DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE IN THIS CITY! It's brilliant. Read it.

Here's my reality. I'm frustrated and I didn't like the way Phelps pitched the other night.  He's on my radar, but the Yankees are responsible as well.  We shouldn't suck as much as we do.  Just look at the men we are stranding on base. Look at this lineup and tell me why in the hell we can't score. Why? But there's more to it... it's our rotation... we are falling apart. Phelps isn't the only one.

My antenna is up and Vidal Nuno will probably get smacked tonight pretty good if he fails against the Seattle Mariners.  Now, I know guys like Nuno and Phelps are truly capable of pitching well. The question is, when? And another question... are these guys just better relief pitchers and not starters are all? I think they are.  Not only that, I think they could each be great relievers, but we have a serious problem in the starting pitcher department as well, and because of that, they took the ball willingly and are ready for anything that comes their way. 

Here's the thing though; guys like Joe Girardi, and Brian McCann need to step up.  McCann is no doubt catching Nuno tonight. Talk to the guy Brian, let's figure this out.  Better yet, how about Girardi know the limitations going in and instead of trying to stretch guys like Phelps and Nuno through 6. How about they go 4 and piece the rest together? Yes, it sounds risky, and yes I know we don't know what happens tomorrow, but it's clear we leave these guys in too long.  Hitters adjust quickly and it's clear they figure Phelps and Nuno out early.

And here's an idea. Catch John Ryan Murphy for them. He's worked with these guys, he knows how they tick and when it comes to their starting appearances... hey Joe, have a short leash!  Let's get a few wins. Let's get some confidence, and then, over time, we'll stretch them out.  No need to figure it all out in June. You know what I mean?

I want Phelps and Nuno to succeed... but let's not forget, I am also a very frustrated fan.  Let's go gentlemen... think Wins!

We'll have more about Yankee frustrations from Mike O'Hara on BYB soon.  Keep looking for it... it's an awesome piece.

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