Sunday, June 1, 2014


I know injuries happen, but I feel similarly with Michael Pineda as I did Carl Pavano. I'm tired of waiting... I'm fed up, I'm annoyed and I feel like all the hype surrounding Michael Pineda was all for nothing.  This guy is literally driving me crazy.  I mean... did you hear about the latest about guy?

According to Bryan Hoch of, "Michael Pineda’s rehab will take longer than initially anticipated... Manager Joe Girardi said that Pineda reported an issue after playing catch on Friday. An MRI revealed inflammation near the teres major muscle in his upper back...'He’s got some inflammation still in that area, and he’ll be shut down for a little bit of time here and then we’ll try to get him going again,' Girardi said. 'It’s not the news we wanted, but it’s what we’re dealing with.'"

Now I know we gotta deal with this but my thinking is, when are we going to learn our lesson about broken down pitchers who we wait for month after month only to never fully have the guy back 100% by the time he "is healthy"? It's annoying. That Yankees are made of money... clearly this guy is accident prone, injury prone... immature and perhaps... just plain dumb all wrapped up into 1.  I could also be pretty harsh about it; Cut him loose... find someone else that wants it and won't get hurt 23 days out of a calendar month. It's almost pathetic now. 

One thing is for sure right now, I like David Phelps A LOT right about now, because despite getting a strain once in a while, Phelps wants to be out there! Phelps wants the ball and gets out there whenever he is needed.  He takes care of himself... he's a gamer, be it starter OR relief... he just wants to play and understands what Yankeeland is all about.  

 Pineda? I just don't know what to make of this guy... but for me... he's morphing into Carl Pavano. What do you think? Comment...

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