Wednesday, June 4, 2014


You guys make me happy.  The Yankees aren’t exactly doing what I expected this season so far, but there are many obstacles and injuries that are in their way.  In all honesty, putting that aside, the Bleeding Yankee Family made me smile for the past 2 weeks and I have to say, we are blessed here… you’re a smart bunch of baseball fans, you understand the game, you follow your team passionately and when it comes to Bleeding Yankee Blue, you understand what we’re doing here!  We are NOT know-it-alls at BYB, we are fans too! We want good baseball banter, we want a secure family unit and we wanted an outlet to just break chops and have fun… as a family.

Twitter was all lit up last week!  So many of you posed in your BYB gear and I could not be happier about it. What made it special was that it just happened... it was spontaneous, and many of you did it within the same week. I'm not sure if one saw another and you whipped out your camera or what, but I'll take it... I loved it!

Check out Jamie here wearing here BYB Tank!
Nice smile… we appreciate the promotion, thank you!

Stefie sent a shot of her wrists covered in Bleeding Yankee Blue wristbands!

It’s always hard to pose with a wristband on, but we’ll take what we can get and Stef, we appreciate it. Thanks.

Check out celebrity Chef Anton Testino chillin' at the Yankee game a few weeks ago! This dude isn’t shy and is truly an amazing chef and the author of the book "Cooking with Confidence". We hope to have an interview with him soon... he's a huge Yankee fan!

Look, anytime a celebrity type changes into the Bleeding Yankee Blue T-shirt and heads off  to Yankee Stadium... and then takes a picture for me to publish... well, he's a friend for life. He must have good people too! Thanks Anton!

We couldn’t be happier about it.  Oh... and check out the retro shirts too!

This is Mikal.
Always up to pose with the gold standard, Bleeding Yankee Blue Tee from when BYB started a few years ago.  That shirt is still in demand, and me and our management team are thinking about bringing it back. 

Here’s Tate Ellen as well.  She’s been reading us for a long time, and she is never shy about posing in that retro tee for us.

Thank you darling! Awesome Smile!

Don’t forget, that shirt became insanely popular when members of the Yankee family got together for a few pictures as well.  It all started with David and Erin Robertson.

They are sweethearts and I will never forget their kindness getting this photo taken for us! Thanks guys.

Then of course, our favorite women ever… Laura Posada went all abs on us and did a Bleeding Yankee Blue “cut off”.  Very creative, and hot!

To date, this picture below is just plain awesome and I understand that so many of you in the BYB family love it as well. Side note, you MUST check out Laura’s new official website, LAURAPOSADA.COM.  We love her… Hey, I sent her a BYB Tank… what are the chances she’ll take a picture in that one too? Laura, can you help us out?

What about our buddy, former Yankee, Clay Rapada?

Love this dude. It’s been a while since we had our #RAPADAFOODWARS on Twitter, but we’ll continue once he gets back on his feet, literally… he had a sore ankle. Wish him well, he’s at @pada5something.

This is one of my favorites as well! This is Molly. Adorable kid and all smiles wearing our retro shirt. Love it Molly, you are the best!

I’m loving my BYB family right now. You guys support us 100% and that’s why we here at BYB, myself, our writers like to bring you quality stuff daily.  No, we don’t know everything, but we’re in tune with a lot when it comes to the Yankees and baseball, and sometimes, if you add in alittle common, a sense and humor and life lessons, well, it puts things in perspective.

I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to Becki.

She recently posed with Paul O'Neill wearing our BYB tank! You are the freaking best Becki, we love you here!

Thanks to Doug. He always wears our stuff at Yankee Stadium.

 He's a good egg.

Thank you to Lisa. Lisa Varga is a hard worker and has her eye on the prize. She also is a BYB reader and friend!

Oh yeah, and a huge Yankee fan.  Read SHOOTING FOR THE STARS for more.

Thanks to Shane, Lisa's brother and a really great dude! We love your support man! Thanks!

For anyone who haven't read it yet, check out, THE FIGHTER. You will be blown away. It's all about Shane.

And thank you to so many other BYB readers that support us, read us, share us and love us. I have news for you... we love you back!

Thanks for an incredible week, months and years of showing off your BYB gear!  The best part was, the past few weeks, we never solicited you... you posed naturally and combine those with all the great other shots we've had the past few years, well, it makes it all worth it! Keep the pictures coming!

Hey, and for anyone who wants to buy some products, we still have some left.

Just CLICK HERE to buy. You will not be disappointed. Quality!

Thanks for your support... and Go Yanks!

You've made BYB the fastest growing Yankees fan site in history. Now shop at the Bleeding Yankee Blue store!  Follow me on Twitter @BleednYankeeBlu and LIKE Bleeding Yankee Blue on Facebook!

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