Saturday, June 7, 2014


The question was, where? Well, we now know...

Now, if you remember, the other day Jon Heyman of said that he thought the Yankees were going to be the team to sign Kendrys Morales.  I did too.  But Heyman did his best to suggest that the Rangers and the Brewers, and the Mariners were "in" too.  Then, he threw out a "mystery team" was interested. I hate that.  Because that's a "baseball insider's" out all day. If they don't get the correct team,  they fall back on the "mystery team". Whatever man. 

Like clockwork, it wasn't any of the teams Jon Heyman mentioned.  So, my question is... why call these guys baseball insiders if they're gonna use "mystery team" as a crutch.  Seems ridiculous at this point, doesn't it?

Kendrys Morales signed a deal with the Twins. Sports Illustrated writes:

"The wait is finally over for Kendrys Morales. The Cuban first baseman and designated hitter, who has been unsigned since the start of the season, is headed to Minnesota to join the Twins..."

In the end, you can't lose sleep over this. Morales would have been a nice pickup sure, but we have the talent on the Yanks... they just need to figure out how to work together.  It will happen, I swear.

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