Monday, June 30, 2014


I don’t like Mike Napoli.  I think he fell into some luck signing with Boston and winning a championship. I think he’s clutch when he needs to be, and injured more than he's clutch.  I also think that he spoke out of turn calling Masahiro Tanaka an “Idiot” for him throwing Nap a fastball the other night… a fastball that Napoli deposited into the seats.  But one thing Napoli doesn’t seem to understand is this; He's enraged a Yankee fan base for attacking our Golden child.  Sure, the Yankees may be losing right now, and we might be down… but we, as a team, as a family are not out! He has angered us.

Napoli said this of Tanaka... and this comes from the Sporting News report:

"After ripping a solo home run off Masahiro Tanaka in the ninth, Napoli celebrated in front of Boston's dugout. He can be heard exclaiming "What an idiot!" to his teammates in reference to Tanaka's decision to throw the fastball that sealed the Yankees' fate."

Now, let’s be fair, this is the third guy that has something derogatory or negative about Japanese import Masahiro Tanaka.   Jose Bautista suggested early on that Tanaka was “no big deal”Adam Jones asked the press why don’t’ they ask Tanaka about Jones? I laughed at that.  

Napoli is not a great baseball player. He’s a guy who’s having a nice streak. I'll go further;  I think Napoli is showing selfishness here. I think he’s jealous of the fact that he’s never truly been part of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. You know, the way it used to be, because let’s be honest… this rivalry seems stale to me. New faces, losers, stupid beards and arrogance reeks in Beantown. Napoli leads the morons. He needs to settle down.   Hey, maybe Napoli is just trying to rev up the Yanks and make them angry.  Or maybe he’s just stupid.  One thing I do know, Yankee fans are mad.  We don’t like lip aimed at our guys.  Now a dude who's Japanese born is in his first season in the Majors and getting attacked… why?  I mean, think about it… it’s baseball. Tanaka probably trusted his stuff enough to throw a fastball past fatso Napoli.  The only problem was Napoli cranked it. That’s the game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Tanaka was probably disappointed, but Tanaka forgot about it… until, of course he was called an idiot.  

Now, Tanaka is a professional, and he won't make a big deal about it. But, trust me, he's a ballplayer. He’ll keep it in the back of his mind. In fact, all the Yankees will. Because it’s my guess that the next time we face Napoli, we should seriously consider putting one in his ear.  

Baseball players don’t forget disrespect.  Napoli did something foolish… and he needs to pay. That's the bottom line.  Who knows… maybe it will fire up the Yankees.  Maybe it will wake us up.  After all, it’s time.

Hopefully it does… and hopefully Napoli will end up with egg on his face… and maybe even an imprint of baseball laces on the side of his head.

Hey Douchebag… this means war!

Tug on this, Junior.

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