Friday, June 6, 2014


You root for wins as a fan, and then sometimes, you sit there and watch 4 wins in a row, then 5, then 6.  Well, it starts somewhere, right?  Between yesterday and today, the Yankees have won 2 in a row.  If they win tomorrow, they are on a winning streak.  As a fan, it's the greatest gift a team can give their fans, other than winning the whole damn thing.  Tonight, we won and let's just hope we keep winning.  I'm hoping this streak is about to get big. Cross your fingers and root your balls off!

Chase Whitley started for the Yankees. What's crazier is tonight was his first victory. I thought it was nuts when I saw that. I was convinced he's won a game already. Whatever the case,  I like this kid. He wants it. You can see it in every pitch. He's done the job wonderfully, there's no denying it.  Tonight he went 7 innings, he gave up 5 runs and 2 hits. After him, Dellin Betances and David Robertson locked down the Royals. I'm digging Dellin setting up DRob. I like that 1, 2 punch.

The Yankees hitting and run scoring went like this:

In the 2nd, Brian Roberts singled and knocked in Mark Teixeira.  In the 3rd, Brian McCann doubled and knocked in 3 runs.

Overall, the Yankees looked good tonight. Overall... it's time Yanks.  It's time Yankeeland... let's start the winning streak now... big time!

Final: Yankees 4 - Royals 2

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