Wednesday, June 4, 2014


No, he most likely didn't eat Captain Crunch.  He also didn't ReTweet my piece about his wife Amber getting a Humanitarian Award tonight, which is big news! (Read HONORING AMBER SABATHIA for more on that.) CC was busy ladies and gentlemen!

Apparently there is news in Yankeeland pertaining to CC.  He threw catch... and that's a good thing! Meredith Marakovits tweeted this just a few moments ago:
Nice! I like that he feels fine. I'll take what I can get right now. But what does it mean?  Well, I guess now we wait and see if he's on schedule to return.  I mean, the plan was always that he'd be back in July. We here at BYB speculated that we probably wouldn't see him this season, just because it's more precautionary and that's the way the Yankee machine works.

They let the fans down slowly, watching every movement and if they see that CC isn't coming along by July, they'll drop the hammer then, all the while searching around to a replacement.  Believe it or not, they are smarter than we think.

That being said, this news about CC is great news.  I can't wait to get the big lug back.  Trust me ladies and gentlemen, CC will be a contributor if he's able to get back and healthy. I believe it.

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