Thursday, June 26, 2014


I don't know what to make of the latest John Mayberry Jr. rumors.  I mean, for the past 2 weeks, I have read in numerous places that the Yankees have scouted Mayberry, an outfielder.

Here's the first whiff of the Mayberry rumor. Jim Salsbury, a Phillies Insider writes in June 18th:

"Mayberry’s time in the lineup the last two days may have been an unexpected showcase for the reserve outfielder. The Red Sox are on the lookout for outfield depth and have had scouts at several recent Phillies games, including Tuesday night’s. The Yankees are also a team to watch on Mayberry, a plugged-in major-league source said. They had a scout in Atlanta on Wednesday."

So what does it mean? Scouting is different than pursuing for 1, but the other is, if we really DO need him, why did we sign 2 outfielders in the offseason?  I'm not so sure we need another outfielder. I mean we have plenty on the farm as well and I happen to love Zoilo Almonte, for instance.  And true, BYB's own had a dynamic piece about 3 key outfielders the Yankees could pursue in  WE NEED SOME HITTING... & FAST!, But after that piece came out, many questioned... why do we need another outfielder?  Good question, although, the Yankees seem to have something up their sleeve if their scouting John Mayberry Jr, don't you think?  Now look, it's speculation, it's rumor and it could be all for nothing, but we wanted to point it out.

Look, on a personal note, and you know we add that in here at BYB, my oldest son and I like Mayberry.  He could be a nice edition to the club.  Where to put him I don't know, but there are people who work for the Yankees with bigger paychecks than mine to figure that stuff out.

We visited Phillies territory last year and we wrote about it in,  MY NIGHT AT CITIZENS BANK PARK. We wrote then,  "...We got to see John Mayberry Jr. crank out a home run that night, my son's first live homer of the year, if you can believe that.  The place erupted like it should if you're a Phillies fan and Mayberry is clearly loved in Philly!"  My son became a Mayberry fan after that, so if I broke the news to him that Yankeeland was looking at him, I think he'd be psyched, but the question really is... do we need the guy? Don't we have a talented lineup already? Why can't we just start hitting with them? Why do we need to add guys out there in the outfield?

John Mayberry to the Yankees? Didn't we do that already?

Oh yeah, we did.  1982. John Mayberry Sr.

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