Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Let’s say you are an extremely talented Pediatric Doctor…bare with me. Then let’s say I throw you a scalpel and push you into the O.R. to do a triple bypass on a 68 year old male. I’m certain you’d pull it off swimmingly right? No? Why not? You’re a doctor! Oh, you’re not a cardiologist and this isn’t your field of expertise. I understand.

Now that may seem like an extreme example to make a comparison with, but it’s still apples to apples. When you are a Major League pitcher you will tend to fall into role and that will become your job. As we know there are starters, long relievers, specialist, set up men and closers. This year, due to injuries, the Yankees have had to use pitchers out of their element. They have received mixed results, but it’s not entirely the pitchers fault.

Now Chase Whitley has been surprisingly good since making the jump to the Big Leagues. Considering he was a reliever in Triple A, the experiment and stretching out process has been a success. He is a very able arm and has helped keep the Bombers in games. But Whitley seems like the exception to the rule…others haven’t done as well.

Now I know that technically Vidal Nuno and David “Three Cheers for Old Notre Dame” Phelps are or at one time were starters, but they have also been pen guys. They have no real defined role. They are almost dealing with their own version of the “Joba Rules”. They get stretched out, pulled back to the pen, spot started, skipped, and even sent down. It sounds awful right? It is. Pitchers are creatures of habit and these guys are forced to be character actors trying to play another role with each new injury or return of a former rotation mainstay.  It’s a recipe for disaster and almost always destroys the confidence of the pitcher.

So yes, Phelps has been bad. Nuno is nearly unwatchable, but maybe we should cut them some slack before they get DFA’d. I’m not saying we should keep them around, (especially Vidal) but let’s let them know that we see and appreciate they are trying to be something they aren’t. Hey, life ain’t perfect and when you are at this level every player needs to put on his “Big Boy Pants” and accept whatever spot the team needs him in, but it can still be a lot to ask.

The Yankees need to be working the phones at this point. Cash saying, “We have the solution on the roster.” is just lip service. He knows damn well that we have nothing but questions all over the roster at this point. We don’t score many runs so we better damn well PITCH! And stretching out a Phelps or bringing up another kid with the hope he can plug a hole until CC and Mikey return is silly. By the way, CC is coming back on a worn down knee and Mikey is basically a car that is going to be in and out of the shop so much that you just sell it to the mechanic and cut your losses…The Yankees need actual reinforcements. Do I want to spend more money? No. I’d like to see Cashman do his best impression of Billy Beane and actually be a GM, not a Kardashian with Daddy’s Platinum Card. Don’t get us a PHD when we need an MD, Brian! Go find us the man for the job.

** Sometimes you need a little CRUE…only sometimes.**

--Mike O'Hara, MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
   Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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