Saturday, June 28, 2014


Dear Baseball Gods,

I would like to thank you for the phenom this year named Mark Teixeira. I know some people may read that word "phenom" and laugh at me and think I have lost all of my marbles. While I acknowledge this is very possible, it is still none the less a true statement. When I look at the Yankee lineup lately I go through stages of grief. I think he is the only one who isn't causing me to violently twitch.

I don't think I can write up a funny and informative story here dictating all of the flaws I see in the lineup that would be less than 50 pages. So instead, I choose to praise the one person who seems to have some spark left in the lineup. Now I may be slightly biased here because let's face it....I do call him my favorite, but look at what is happening lately in the games. Seems like every good play the Yankees make (and there haven't been many lately) Tex has been in it.

Maybe Tex has been bitten by a radioactive spider or something, because he is putting up numbers we haven't seen in awhile and he has been the one consistent hitter in the lineup. I wish that spider would bite everyone else. 

So far he has 14 home runs and has an .829OPS and .352 OBP, he hasn't seen numbers like these since 2010. Maybe he is eating his Wheaties... maybe his funny talk segment "Foul Territory" has put some extra energy in him. I don't know, but I WISH he could spread that to the rest of the team because I think they took Geritol.

I know Tex has already had his injury problems this season, that always seems inevitable with him but he is still producing. We are close to the halfway point and he is trending toward the numbers we expect every year and the power is there. The opening game of the Red Sox series it was nice to see him hit up the middle and out of the evil jaws known as "The shift" that he seems to be victim to frequently. Plus, he is actually hitting the ball and putting it in play... a novel concept these days.

Now, I know this is a little more snarky for me, but it is true. Right now, Tex is the spark in this team. He is the heavy hitter, the reigning MVP, old reliable... insert any cliché you want here. He is doing his part but we need the rest of the guys to do theirs. So anyone who has been doubting Tex, it is time to rally behind him because without him this would be uglier than it already is. I can't handle that right now.

So baseball gods, please help Tex keep this up! Oh and please keep up the "Foul Territory" skits too because Casey was right....I am REALLY enjoying those and you have to give the people what they want right! So, we need wins and comedy too. Yankee nation depends on this and we will officially owe you one.


Jeana Bellezza

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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