Wednesday, June 4, 2014


You know what? We looked good last night.  Both the Yankees pitching and the hitting was decent.  We were IN the game.  Tip your cap the Hiroki Kuroda

He went 6.2 innings and only gave up a run.  Tip you cap to Scott Kazmir... he's back. Wow. It was a pitchers duel. It was a good, clean game. only a few runs each and then, when the Yankees pen came in... it all fell apart.  It's unfortunate and I'm alittle pissed about it.

The Yankees and A's were knotted at 2 each until the 10th. Mark Teixeira did the heavy lifting. Teixeira singled home a run in the first and it was Tex who homered in the 6th.

But now at 2-2, you would think that we'd homer and just shut the A's down.  It didn't happen that way at all. Adam Warren, who, I admit, has been pretty good this season, alllowed the A's the take the lead when he gave up a homer, a run scoring double and a run scoring single.

It was then that I was tired, pissed and disappeared into the bathroom to puke my freaking guts out. It's one thing to be angry as a fan when you stay up in extra innings just to be disappointed.  It's another to watch it all unravel after a great game.

There is no doubt in my mind that these types of losses kill a team's morale. Teams like the Yankees, with what we have, do NOT lose like this, but this is exactly what's happening. 

We need to get it together... Wake up!

Final: Athletics 5 - Yankees 2

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