Monday, June 9, 2014


Yankeeland is in a tizzy and it's just not here in the Bronx and the Tri-State.  Take Phil Becker from St. Louis who just commented on our piece titled "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!"

Now, as you know, from time to time if we find an interesting comment on BYB, we'll print it.  It's not a cop-out or anything. It's done because we're a family here.  We're in this together and right now the Yankees are sucking the life out of us all.  So that's why I was happy to read a Yankee fan in St. Louis had something interesting to say.  So here it is... Thanks Mr, Becker:

"As a fan that lives in St. Louis, it makes me furious the way they are playing. I have to subscribe to to watch the games. I watch usually between 130-140 games every year... last year was extremely hard but you knew after roughly two months what they had.

It's like watching them all go through the motions... what makes it worse is it being Jeter's last year.  It cannot, I mean CANNOT end like this. I know we have alot of baseball to go, but every week nothing changes and the hole gets deeper. They gotta start winning and show some life..."

That's a real fan... from St. Louis with real frustrations. Hey, we're a Yankee family.  We're annoyed, we're frustrated and we want the team we know and love to start delivering.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I wrote this last night, and I am afraid I could be correct:

"I expected more, I'm not gonna lie. WE expected more, as fans.  But you know what? Maybe this is what this team is.  Maybe we're not good. Maybe, just maybe we are mediocre and we should root for them that way.  Because there is something very telling about a team this good on paper that just can't score runs.  They don't work together and they sure as hell aren't gelling. I mean, it IS June 8th, you know?"

I'm normally not that down on my Yankees in June, but... this team isn't supposed to be this bad.

Just wanted to share.

No... I haven't given up on my Yankees, but I sure as hell don't like rooting for a team that can't score runs.  Pinstripes or not, as a fan, you wanna root for a winner.  We are winners aren't we?

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