Thursday, May 29, 2014


"You're not always going to have your 'A' game every single night. In this game you sometimes have to be able to forget about it, learn from it and rebound the next game." 
--Jacoby Ellsbury

I like that quote above and I should remember that more when writing about the pros. Truth be told, I preach it to my little leaguers all the time. Yet, yesterday I was pretty harsh toward David Phelps.  The truth is, it's one game at a time and I need to remember that the pros are not going to be 100% great every game.  Even I forget that. Sorry ladies and gentlemen. 

The Yankees won last night in St. Louis and did everything right when the day before, they couldn't score a run.  I'm glad... they needed to rebound.

Jacoby Ellsbury was 3-5 and also robbed a possible Allen Craig hit with a sliding catch.

But there were plenty of other stars. Brian McCann, Brian Roberts, Kelly Johnson and Brendan Ryan all had 2 hits each. John Ryan Murphy had 2 RBIs. Even Brian McCann played first base, a first for him.  Gotta love when guys step up and do whatever it takes to help the team.

Hiroki Kuroda only gave up 3 runs in  5.2 innings.  The pen looked good, the hitting looked good, the defense looked good...and there were no home runs... there was just good, old fashioned small ball baseball and that's what the result was.

The Yankees played this game correctly, team effort all the way... and we won another. Go Yanks.

Final: Yankees 7 - Cardinals 4

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