Thursday, May 22, 2014


I wanted to remind the BYB audience about a girl we lost in the Yankee community last year. Her name was Kiley and she was a gigantic Yankee fan.
She had a presence on Twitter and everyone knew her. No matter what the Yankees were doing, she was front row and always positive Tweeting "Let's go Yankees *clap *clap *clap *clap."  She never gave up on her team. Ever.

She never gave up on herself either, and fought hard until the end. Kiley passed away 1 year ago today, May 22nd.  I know many in the Twitter community knew her well and loved her. But if I know Kiley, she's smiling right now at you, because you're thinking of her today. Never selfish... somehow she'd turn it around and bring a smile to your face and make it about you instead. I bet you she's clapping right now...
"*clap *clap*clap *clap"

That was Kiley, never thinking about herself, always think about others.

Go Yanks, Kiley... Go Yanks.

You can read our BYB dedication to Kiley last year by clicking on A DEDICATION TO ONE OF BYB'S FAVORITES...

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