Sunday, May 18, 2014


I mentioned yesterday in ONE MORE CHANCE PINEDA, OR I TURN MY BACK ON YOU!, that while I appreciate the talent of Michael Pineda, I almost feel as though he's been given too many chances. Granted, alot of what happened to Pineda had to do with injury. But let me be clear, I'm a Yankee fan, I grow impatient just like you.

When the pine star incident happened, I was pissed... I'm still pissed.  Also, don't forget, I have no problem with pine tar and "doctoring the baseball" because it's been going on for decades in baseball, but the reality is, when you put it on your neck the size of Rhode Island... well, that's just dumb. Conceal it... please.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I was just in Modell's 10 minutes ago. In it sat a stack of Michael Pineda shirts (Ironically with Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez shirts), no doubt made up at the beginning of the season for what was supposed to be this kid's big return.  They sit untouched... probably because no one wants to jump on board yet.

What will happen of our Golden boy? Will he be a champ with the Yanks? Or will he be a Lemon? Pineda's set to throw a 25 pitching session next.  Hopefully this kid gets back on track and has no more issues... because if he does, I have no problem walking away.

Time will tell. I'm rooting for him for now... I just don't know if I can continue rooting for him if these "hurry up and wait" moments keep happening.

What do you think? Comment.

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