Thursday, May 15, 2014


So what do we know about CC Sabathia and his knee injury? We know that it is a degenerative injury and that he had fluid in his right knee and it was drained. It was also examined by Dr. James Andrews who injected stem cells in it and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, that will do the trick, for alittle while, but there is no official timetable on when CC will return.

But I find it to be mildly offensive and sad the way some in the media are trying to expose CC as being the biggest disaster in sports history. Really?  Did you see Business Insider today? Read the headline, don't click.

Here's the headline:

CC Sabathia's $142 Million Contract Is Turning Into A Complete Disaster For The Yankees

Wait... a DISASTER? I don't get it.  The sinking of the Titanic was a disaster.  How in the world do you call CC Sabathia, a guy that already has a World Championship with the Yankees, a guy that won 91 games in 6 years with the Yankees (19 wins in 2009 and 2011 and 21 wins in 2010), a disaster? In short, you can't. In fact, the Business Insider has it wrong.

 Carl Pavano, was a disaster.  Hideki Irabu was a disaster.  CC Sabathia is having an off year and has an injury. That's it, sorry that wasn't sexy enough for Business Insider.

Here's what Business insider writes, and tell me this isn't written by a 9th grader trying to "make it" in the business:

"Sabathia is 33 years old, has a history of knee problems, his fastball has disappeared, and the Yankees still owe him $90.6 million... "

Wait... Sabathia has a history of knee problems too? When did this happen?  We know he had surgery on his right knee at the end of the 2006 season with the Indians, but you're kind of using "history" alittle loosely, aren't you? Eric Chavez has a "history of injuries" and that would actually be accurate. CC has fluid on the knee and a surgery almost 10 years ago.

Also, for the record, why not actually inform the readers that other pro baseball players have had the same type of injury that CC has had, like Hideki Matsui and Randy Johnson and both came out of it fine, Read HERE.

I don't mind the opinion, but state some facts, something this article did NOT do.  In fact, I encourage you all to NOT click on their story. It's silly and doesn't give you an accurate report on what's really going on with CC... it's just a bash fest... I don't play that way.

Back your player Yankee fans. CC has an injury and you know what? He'll recover sooner or later. It's baseball, it's sports, it happens.

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