Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The Cubs got to Masahiro Tanaka. Of all the teams this season, it was the Cubs.  Well, that's baseball and some days last place teams can turn it on better than the rest of them.  They beat Tanaka and his perfect record. No worries... he's allowed to take the loss once in a blue moon... life goes on, right?

Tanaka went 6 innings last night. He gave up 4 runs, 3 of them earned, 8 hits and struck out 7. The Cubs came after him run by run starting in the 3rd inning and scored one in the 4th and 2 in the 6th. In the 7th, with 0.1 innings pitched, Preston Claiborne allowed 2 more.

The Yankees combated that with 1 stinking run... 1, off Jason Hammel and company. Mark Teixeira singled home Brett Gardner in the 6th.  That was all she wrote.  Kind of sad actually, but you need to give Tex some credit... the dude is delivering almost every game.  That's what we pay him for.

The best 2 plays for New York were made by Tanaka himself on plays to home:

I like that.

Over all, a dud in Chicago last night.  Not too thrilled about it, but we come back now and win... that's all we can do, in this great game of baseball.

Final: Cubs 6 - Yankees 1 

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