Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I am in no position in my life right now to watch a game on the West coast and wait for my Yankees to lose. It may be the worst idea of getting a good night sleep EVER.

The Yankees lost last night.  I wish there were fireworks, but there were not. Unless you liked Joe Girardi getting tossed... and I know many of you do...

The Yankees had just 6 hits and only 1 run all night. The run came in the 7th, when Mark Teixeira singled and knocked in Derek Jeter. Other than that...a whole lotta nothing. I mean sure, the Captain had 2 hits and that was nice to see, but nothing spectacular came out of Anaheim.

David Phelps started and went 5.1 innings.  He gave up just 3 hits and 1 run.  He did well. Shawn Kelley gave up the other 3 runs and got the loss last night.  He didn't look too great walking a helluva lot and that's when my anger and anxiety started to grow. As Bryan Hoch wrote in his own recap, the Yankees were ejection happy:

"A borderline strike call and a dismissive finger wave had Joe Girardi irate and ticketed for an early exit, as the Yankees' manager fired his cap into the Angel Stadium turf and jawed furiously inches away from the face of home-plate umpire Laz Diaz.... Diaz...  then ejected Kelley following his removal in a pitching change. Matt Thornton issued a bases-loaded walk, and so did Preston Claiborne as the Angels grabbed a three-run lead."

I couldn't sleep after that. No quality hitting. Some bad pitching and a whole lotta nothing.

You know, hitting is something that's important in this great game of baseball.  My son's really struggling right now at the plate.  I tell him, "Hit off the tee, I know it's boring, but Derek Jeter does it every single day." If you don't practice, you can't be a great hitter.  Now last night the Yankees just shit the bed in the hits and runs scored department... but you gotta wonder how many of their parents were screaming at the TV like I was talking to my son, asking... "I wonder if he's working on that?"

Something needs to get fixed quickly ladies and gentlemen... I wanna see my Yankees winning.

Final: Angels 4 - Yankees 1

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