Sunday, May 18, 2014


The Yankees won another today and this one happened in Game 1 of the single admission double header at the stadium.  I was there with my oldest boy. It was a last  minute decision based on my buddy calling me and saying "I go 2 tickets for you and one of your sons. You in?" We were.  The deal was I was driving... and off we went.

We got there later because of the last minute call, but we were there just the same.  The stadium was gorgeous today for Game 1 and the Yankees were up 4 to 1 when we showed up.  Then, as we were gobbling our hot dogs and brews, it was suddenly 4-3.  Hiroki Kuroda, who always pitches well, we getting into trouble in the 5th and I didn't expect to see him in the 6th, but sure enough, he came out and got out of it.  That was followed by Matt Daley, Matt Thornton and Adam Warren, all who held the Pirates down.  Then in came DRob and he shut the door.

In the end, Kuroda pitched 6 innings, struck out 7 and gave up 3 runs.  He is now 3-3.  I trust he'll keep it up in the next outing.

The Yankees run scoring went like this:

In the bottom of the first, Mark Teixeira singled and knocked in 2... Brett Gardner and Derek Jeter.  Then Brian McCann singled knocking in Jacoby Ellsbury.  In the bottom of the second, Brett Gardner doubled knocking in Kelly Johnson.  Those are your 4... and those are all that was needed.

Final Game 1: Yankees 4 - Pirates 3

Overall, it was a great time with friends and the Yankees today. Loved game 1... and as I write this, I am sitting in the area right in front of the Lobel's butcher.  Damn... I love blogging, I can do it from anywhere!

Go Yanks... Now let's come back and beat the Bucs in Game 2! 

Time for a pulled pork sandwich... Carolina style bitches...

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