Saturday, May 17, 2014


I know, what a lame title, right?  I think I have heat stroke or I'm delirious.  It's been a crazy day at my house.  Alot of baseball games and mulching and I was a filthy mess for most of the day and smelled like dirty sweat.  Not too attractive, but I did finally see the game and I love my Yankees right now, do you?

I like when the Yanks win with what they have and not wait for the superstars to return. I mean, there is no doubt we've been dealt a bad hand with our pitching lately, but we're handling things pretty well, aren't we? Today we were homer happy! I mean, think about it, we won 3 in a row. I like this alot. Can we win 4? Hell, can we win the double header tomorrow? I say, why not!

David Phelps started for the Yankees tonight.  I was underwhelmed until I saw how great he did.  5 innings pitched today. He allowed 5 hits and struck out 5. Damn, play that number! Dellin Betances followed and continued his dominance striking out 3 and giving up 1 run. Adam Warren and Matt Daley completed the pitching puzzle for the Yankees.  We held the Pirates to 1 run.  Not too shabby at all.

The Yankees hitting and scoring went like this:

Mark Teixeira hit a 2 run homer in the 1st.  Mike O'Hara is about to write an apology piece to Jeana Bellezza. That's one BYB writer who is not to jazzed about Tex, to another who is obsessed.  Let's see how that goes... anyway, I just got side tracked...

In the bottom of the 3rd, Zoilo Almonte homered.  Almonte is #24.  That's right, Cano's old number. In other words, Cano left and the Yankees won't be remembering him in the years to come.  Trust me, that's how it's going down.  Forget Yankeeography... forget it all.

In the 6th, Brett Gardner cranked one out... his 3rd. Then in the 7th, another home run. This one by Alfonso Soriano. In the 8th, Brian McCann hit a 2 run shot. 

It was a home run fest.  It was the explosion Yankeeland has been waiting for.  Now, we need it to happen all the time, then once the pitching comes back heatlhy and ready to roll... we'll pull ahead and win the division.  That's my thinking at least, what about you?

Final: Yankees 7 - Pirates 1

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