Sunday, May 11, 2014


Mother knows best.

When "you know what" hits the fan, it's your mother that has the solution. If your mother gets sick or has a cold, your dad has no idea what the sports schedule is for the kids, what birthday parties are happening and how to make dinner. In other words, it's mass chaos.  Dad's are good for some things, but mothers complete the family and handle the heavy load.

I am lucky enough to have a terrific mom. This is a photo of her above as a little girl and trust me, she had an amazing mother as well. My mom has always been in my life and is always there to give me advice, even now.  I'm a mama's boy and have no problem saying that.  It's important, especially with my own family.

Here's a picture of my wife above.  She comes from a strong line of mothers before her. Her mom's a tough cookie and provides important values in her children and her mother before her did the same.  I'm happy to say that I have a wife that is a terrific mother and in this day and age of youth sports and a crazy school day for each of my children, my wife is there nurturing and aiding my kids in everything they need.  She's running them around town, giving them a push when they need it and still manages to make dinner at the end of the day. A mother's job is the hardest job in the world. Anyone that tells you that it's not is full of it.

There are many great mom's that I have gotten to know over the past few years. Mom's that are inspirational and nurturing in their families lives.  I always tip my cap to Marci Hensley, Ty Hensley's mom (Read THANKSGIVING WITH THE HENSLEYS), Laura Posada, Amber Sabathia, Kim Austin and Mariana Bichette (Read MOTHER'S DAY WITH THE BICHETTES.) 

Real nice, lovely women, members of the Yankee family and important role models in their children's lives.  These women do it all in life, yet, at the same time, they still manage to guide their children to do the right thing, to shoot for the stars and to try and be the best through hard work. 

Look at Tyler Austin, Ty Hensley and Dante Bichette Jr for instance.  Still plugging away and working hard to make the bigs in pinstripes one day.  They learned the importance of hard work and dedication... not only from their father, but because their mother was there too... for a shoulder to cry on, to talk about their frustrations... and then, they got back out there and worked alittle more.

Look at how important Amber Sabathia (Read CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR: INTERVIEW WITH THE SABATHIAS) and Laura Posada (Read THE FULL POSADA INTERVIEW) are, not only to their families, but for individuals like you and me. 

They push to the limit and offer an inspiration and drive so passionate, it not only resonates with their families, it rubs off on us as well.  They are all truly terrific people... they are also mothers.  Mothers who believe in their children. It's nice to see. 

Today is gorgeous in the Northeast, and if you live in New York where I am, you know that it's almost symbolic, especially after such a brutal winter.  Today is an important day.  Do the right thing, make that call, get some beautiful flowers. Make a trek and go see mom today.  After all, she raised you, she inspired you and she has always been there for you.  Again, I can't thank my mother enough for being the driving force in my life for so many years. It's very important to me and your mom should be to you too.

Today is Mother's day.  Sure, act like it's just another holiday, but this one is significant. If you are here on this earth, you have a mother. Thank her today for being there.  Thank her for all the good she has done for you. Thank her for guiding you, loving you and being there if you've ever reached a dark hour in your life.  When "you know what" hits the fan, it's your mother that has the solution. Always.

Happy Mother's Day Mom. You are simply the best in so many ways.

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