Saturday, May 24, 2014


The Dodgers have released backup catcher Miguel Olivo just days after he pulled his best Mike Tyson impression by biting off the ear of teammate Alex Guerrero.

The incident occurred in the eighth inning of Tuesday’s Triple-A game between Albuquerque and Salt Lake after an apparent disagreement over a botched tag. (Video from Jared Massey at below):

Guerrero was immediately taken to the hospital where he received plastic surgery on his ear and could miss up to five weeks of the season to recuperate.

As for Olivo, he was promptly suspended on Wednesday and released this afternoon. He is now a free agent, but I can’t see any team wanting to pick up a guy that physically attacks his own teammates. 

Sports Nation writer Eric Stephen points out that the 35-year-old backup catcher seems to have a history of burning his bridges with his former teams. Prior to the Dodgers releasing him this season, Oilvo left the Marlins in 2013 due to lack of playing time and was placed on the restricted list before being released.
Stephen also found this gem below from Olivo from Spring Training, in which he told a Telemundo reporter that is he weren’t a baseball player that he (quote translated) “would like to be a boxer like Mike Tyson but without biting an ear.”


--Alexis Garcia, BYB's "Eye on MLB" Columnist
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