Thursday, May 1, 2014


I wanted to remind you all about supporting a friend. We should all do it in life. Luckily for me, I've read Pete Caldera for a long, long time and once I started Bleeding Yankee Blue, I got to know Pete Caldera. He's a Yankees beat writer for the Bergen Record and one of the nicest guys around, not to mention a true talent.  Well, I have some news for all of you...

My friend Pete Caldera will be appearing at the Carnegie Club (156 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019) tomorrow night, May 2nd.  The time is 9pm-12!

Now, some of you are reading this thinking, "Why the hell do I want to watch Pete Caldera write for the Bergen Record at the Carnegie Club? This guy actually has appearances for that? This guy has an ego!" Actually, no.... and he has no ego at all!  In fact, he probably hates me making a big deal about this.  Here's what's happening... Pete Caldera is an outstanding singer and will be doing his best to bring down the house that night singing Sinatra!

Now look, I've been to Pete's shows. He's outstanding!  If you like Sinatra, if you like the classics and if you just want to ditch the kids and go to a cigar bar, have a glass of scotch and listen to some great live music by the great Pete Caldera, I suggest you go! It's a terrific time.

The atmosphere is amazing. It's a great crowd. Hell, even Wally Matthews of ESPN NY shows up once in a while, so it's gotta be big!

So mark your calendar! Check out Pete Caldera singing his heart out tomorrow night, Friday, May 2nd, 9-12 and enjoy yourself.

It's a real good time!

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