Monday, May 12, 2014


Remember when Derek Jeter played on his ankle knowing good and well he wasn't 100%, but in the thick of the season when we needed him most, he collapsed? His reason? He knew he had to be there for the team. He didn't want to let the team down. Stuff like that... remember that?  Well, I'm equating CC Sabathia to that situation, the difference is, it's May. 

It turns out that CC did in fact have discomfort in his knee and according to LoHud, "The Yankees rotation was a source of encouragement and optimism out of spring training. Six weeks into the season, it’s become an uncertainty.

'That’s why I didn’t want to say anything,' Sabathia said. 'But I think I was doing more damage to the team than helping the team by trying to hide it.'

Sabathia said he first felt the discomfort during last Sunday’s start against Tampa Bay. It was his worst start of the year, and his knee was swollen afterward, but he stayed on turn to make another underwhelming start on Saturday. When his knee grew swollen again, he finally spoke up, and a Sunday morning MRI revealed the problem. It’s the same knee that Sabathia had surgically repaired after the 2010 season.

Although Sabathia said this injury is showing the same symptoms, the initial MRI suggests this it’s less significant, with no damage to the meniscus."

Am I naive? Maybe, but I'll tell you what, I'll take a guy who wants to try and keep the team winning when all else is going down around him.  The guy just didn't want to offer another blow to the team, and much like Jeter when he collapsed, There goes CC and the Yankees, with now yet another starter on the shelf.  Was it the right move? Look, right now it doesn't look too good.  You can suggest he hurt the team more by hiding the damaged knee. You could suggest Jeter did too.  The big difference here is CC is doing it in May, not the playoffs.

I'm not bashing either player here.  It's a fine line when it comes to sports and athletes. They don't want to disappoint the fans or the club, but at the same time, they do, if they get hurt and get more damaged.

Hey CC, I ain't mad at ya... just keep the team in the back of your mind... especially at this point in the season.  We need you healthy guy.

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