Sunday, May 11, 2014


I found it to be incredibly insulting and embarrassing for both the New York media and fans to insinuate that CC Sabathia "lied" about his knee injury today.  I read Andrew Marchand's Tweet about how CC and Girardi both said CC was healthy, almost like he was piecing together an investigation into the "When did the knee hurt... and who knew about it?"  Guess what? Injuries happen, and sometimes there are no signs when they're about to occur.
I like Marchand, and perhaps he was just throwing it out there because dumb guys like me would bite, but I just found it to be silly...and I bit.

Here's the drill... CC Sabathia is on the 15 day DL for knee inflammation.  Maybe he was working through it and it got bad yesterday, maybe it just happened, whatever the case, the Yankees needed to recall Matt Daley, hardly a driving force for the Yankees starting rotation.  And now we are literally left with 5-0 Masahiro Tanaka and a whole lotta nothing.

What fans should be doing is wishing CC well, not bashing the guy for getting injured... for Christ sake... he's not Carl Pavano for crying out loud.

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