Thursday, May 22, 2014


Chris Sale looked great tonight and so did the Chisox.  I said it today on SportsTalkChicago with Fahey & Chivari that I really like Sale and as an opponent, I'm afraid of him. When you look at a match up like Sale vs. David Phelps, well, I know who I'd pick if I was a betting man. 

It turns out I'm a Yankee fan and NOT a betting man, and this loss stings tonight. The Yankees need to turn it around...and quickly.

First off, the Yankees had 3 hits all night.  We didn't score until the 9th inning and it was Mark Teixeira coming through with a single to knock in Ichiro Suzuki and Derek Jeter.  But the whole game the Yankees couldn't get it together and when you think about how talented our lineup is, and how much money we spent in the off season to get hits and runs, it's amazing to me that the guy who breaks up the perfect game was Zoilo Almonte , number 24.

Funny, Right?

Look, if the Yankees are just gonna cross their fingers for 4 days straight and just depend on wins from Masahiro Tanaka every 5th day, that's no way to make a run toward the playoffs. We are hurting ladies and gentlemen and we need a hot streak and a winning streak. You have 9 innings in a game... you don't start scoring in the 9th... You make things happen as early as the first. That's the game.


Final: White Sox 3 - Yankees 2.

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