Tuesday, April 22, 2014


You like sales? Me too. I’m doing something that I want you to take advantage of.  I’m slashing prices ladies and gentlemen.  Why? Because I love you. I thank you for your support and I have a few new ideas on BYB clothing that I want to create in the future.  With that in mind, I need to get you guys buying!

We only a small amount of product left and trust me, it’s been a crazy spring, much busier than I thought it would be. What that means is you like and respect what Bleeding Yankee Blue is doing here and you understand us. We, in turn are extremely thankful. 

So from this point forward, we are cutting prices for all our products and we want you take advantage of it. 
Right now, all of our sweatshirts, both Blue and Gray have been reduced in price!

How about those handsome, limited edition Posada t-shirts below?  We made a, well, "limited edition", and there are only a handful left.  We will NOT be making more.  

The prices are reduced.  Be sure to CLICK NOW to buy one. They will sell fast at this point.

So, you’re having a baby and you want to get a onesie for that kid?  Well, check out the prices now! These onesies are perfect on a nice, warm, summer night.  Throw the kid in a BleedingYankeeBlue.com onesie and let him dream the night away in their crib. It’s simple and comfortable and not restricting.

The sexiest item of the spring has been the Bleeding Yankee Blue women’s tank! Only 2 sizes left and we are discussing printing more, but there is no guarantee we will.  Check out the prices now!

All of our wristbands and bottle opener products have been dropped in price!  

We have sold a ton of these things and we’ll be looking to restock for next season.  You gotta take advantage of this deal!

And don't forget our charity event! All light wristbands are only $2 bucks! When you guys them,  I will match the price, and at the end of the season, I will send a check to whatever charity, my buddy Mikey and I decide. Not sure what I'm talking about? Read  "I'M DRUNK IN EPCOT MEXICO" & WHAT COMES NEXT so you see what I'm thinking.

Great deals for a great audience. You want to shop right now? CLICK HERE. 

 I love my BYB freaks! Thank you for your support!

You've made BYB the fastest growing Yankees fan site in history. Now shop at the Bleeding Yankee Blue store!  Follow me on Twitter @BleednYankeeBlu and LIKE Bleeding Yankee Blue on Facebook!

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