Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This is why it was a breath of fresh air to see Brian McCann saying "I got nothing" this offseason when Russell Martin "attacked" the Yankees for not resigning him, and instead waiting on big fish McCann and spending a ton more. Read BIG MCCANN LAUGHES OFF LITTLE MARTIN for clarity on that.

Now it seems like Martin is shooting his mouth off again. He wants to fight Martin Maldonado and he's serious... and it's silly, let's be honest.  In case you don't know what I'm talking about, it goes like this, according to DJ Short of Hardball Talk:

"The Brewers and Pirates got involved in a nasty brawl yesterday afternoon in Pittsburgh after outfielder Carlos Gomez flipped his bat on a triple, which ticked off starter Gerrit Cole. Martin Maldonado was right in the middle of the skirmish and landed a punch on Travis Snider...MLB will issue punishments in the coming days, but Snider’s teammate, Russell Martin, still wants Maldonado to see his comeuppance."

This isn't street shit Russell, this is baseball. Furthermore, how silly does Travis Snider feel like now having loudmouth Martin threatening to settle the score with Maldonado and not Snider himself?  What's Martin's deal?  Apparently now Martin wants to "fight" Maldonado for charity.  I guess if you cushion a "fight" with charity, you seem like some type of hero or something.  To be honest, it's 5th grade crap... Martin needs to shut up.  Here is what took place on the social networks:

Once again, Martin looks like to loser here, charity or not.

Hey Russell, here's an idea... why don't you count to 10 and then donate to a charity anyway. That's what millionaires are doing these days, not fighting in the streets of Pittsburgh.  Have you forgotten that baseball is a game?

Napoleon complex much?

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