Thursday, April 24, 2014


The rulebook states that a foreign substance being used by pitchers to doctor the ball is illegal.  If you use it and get caught, you’re ejected and most likely suspended.  That happened to Michael Pineda. He was dumb, real dumb… almost like he wanted to get caught.  I mean for crying out loud, it wasn’t like the dude was late to the game, jumped off his motorcycle and accidentally wiped bike grease on his neck as he was getting his uniform on. He put it there on purpose.

It was out in the opened.  He admits that and you know what? He was disciplined and to be honest... now it’s over.  That’s unless you read the blogs and media all over the world today, who are reviewing the incident as severely as rape or PEDs use. Yup, what I wrote is extreme, but it’s to make a point; He cheated ,he blew it and it’s the 24th of April. I don't feel like reviewing every other doctoring incident caught on camera because I'll be here all day. Plus, it's a silly exercise. I'm talking about the hammering of dumb Michael Pineda.  I am stating it here... this incident is now behind us.

I tweeted this last night and I meant it:

The line of questioning from reporters last night was too similar to a Congressional hearing. There were even slick beat writers almost trying to trip the guy up because of the language barrier, almost to get him to say something scandalous  Sure, Michael Pineda messed up, but he could have hid behind the Yankee machine and never talked to the media last night.  What he did was the right thing to do.  He took his lumps like a man, and now he needs to deal with the punishment. Case close. I'm not so sure investigators need to go to him home and look for more pine tar evidence, you know what I mean?

Ironically, through most of this, I was coaching Little League when my phone blew up as I stood in our dugout. “Pineda got pinched”. “Did you see the pine tar on Pineda’s neck?” I got a quick update and continued on my way with our own game. The funniest parallel I can tell you is that it was damn cold last night and our pitchers were freezing.  They couldn’t grip the ball. One of the kids said,"I wish we could use something to get a good grip.”  I said, “You can’t do that, it’s illegal”, knowing good and well that pitchers have been using some sort of grip on the ball for decades.

Look, my position on this is simple; If you need it, use it. But if you get caught, don’t deny it and take your lumps.  John Farrell did the right thing last night, but he was also a pitcher who most likely used, or knew someone who used pine tar in his clubhouse in his career.  Joe Girardi was a catcher who knows all about it too I’m sure.  These 2 did their best tap dance to the media.  The media let them slide, because it’s not supposed to be talked about. "Those to managers are old school, but Pineda, he's new in this HD world where everything is amplified! Let's get him!"

Meanwhile, Al Leiter, was as giddy as ever and talking to the audience in the post-game, openly admitting to using pine tar on his belt to get a grip.  In other words, it’s no big deal… or is it if it’s literally on your face?

What Michael Pineda did was stupid.  But it’s over.  Overkill in the New York media over an incident like this will erupt into something more. It will fester.  Look for a ton of managers to examine Pineda, or others every game now.  Is it fair? Sure. Go for it. My point is this is nothing new. Life should go on like it did before Pineda.

In the end, this isn’t PEDs being shot up in his ass on the mound during a live game ladies and gentlemen.  This isn’t murder. This is pine tar on a 30 degree, windy night. It’s not a scandal, it’s a dumb mistake.

Pineda’s suspended… let’s move on, OK?

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