Saturday, April 26, 2014


I live in a world full of Yankee haters. It's true. Transplant New Yorker here through and through so let me tell you, it is not easy handling the fall-out of Michael Pineda and his use of pine tar not once....but twice.

So remember the first time Pineda was caught with an "unknown substance" that was on his wrist? Well, the good old ex just couldn't resist digging into that one. The next morning I got the standard "HAHA Pineda is a cheater. He's a real Yankee now" text. He's a Red Sox fan so that is to be expected I guess. Now why I ever dated a Red Sox fan is a whole other story for a different time.

That was bad enough. I mean, any other comments made I just issued the standard "come on, everyone does it. Most just don't get caught." Or I also used the "Where were you last year when Clay Buchholz was also accused of the same thing? John Farrell didn't seem to disapprove!" That seemed to diffuse any rebuttals but man.....fool me once, shame on you Pineda! Fool me twice well....shame on me and I don't have a good defense to offer you.

I thought on Thursday I was going to be safe. No one said a word to me. NO ONE! It was like sports fans everywhere just didn't watch the game or pick up a newspaper this blog! I thought I dodged a bullet....boy was I wrong.

My alarm clock did not wake me up this morning. Nooooo, that was my Mets loving father. He is awake and at work before vampires and zombies disappear. So of course, when it is dark out my text notification goes off and I read this.

Dad: "NICE win last night! Bad job getting caught cheating. What's up with the Pine tar?!"
Me: -____-
Dad: "Someone should've shown him how to be less obvious."
Me: "Yes dad, he made a bad decision."
Dad: "Bad decision? HA! Cheater, cheater, cheater."

Well, I can't really be surprised by that. So after a few hours I finally get into the office. I'm still half dead thanks to my un-godly wake up call. So while I am trying to find an IV to pump coffee through me I get this:

Orioles fan: "Hey Jeana! You have a little something on your collar-bone area there."
Me:*foolishly brushing away* "Is it gone? What is it?"
Orioles fan: "Well now we know who Pineda's supplier is"
Me: "You are lucky I haven't had my coffee yet..."

So after I finally got a cup of coffee in me....

Diamondbacks fan: "Hey Jeana! Is that a hickey on your neck?"
Me: *gives him the "REALLY?! not clever" death stare*
Diamondbacks fan: "Must not be, it isn't brown."
Me: "Very cute. Did you come up with that by yourself?"
Diamondbacks fan: *pulls out his phone and shows it to me* "No, I stole it off of a Meme I found online."
Me: "Yeah, yeah....he did something stupid. Not like he is the first one to do it."
Diamondbacks fan: "None of our pitchers do that, definitely not Wade Miley."
Me: "Your pitchers also can't seem to pitch effectively, either. Maybe THEY need some."
Diamondbacks fan: "Ouch. I will give you that though, since you are down Ivan Nova and now Michael Pineda's reputation is shot."

And it continued later at lunch.....there is a little Arizona version of what is supposed to be a deli down the street. The guy who owns it is a big San Francisco Giants fan. He got his digs in too.

Deli owner: *shakes head* "Your boy Pineda got off easy."
Me: "I know."
Deli owner: "What's up with the 10 game suspension? The crime doesn't fit the punishment. With the way your schedule is he will only miss 1 start. $20 says he does it again."
Me: "I think he learned his lesson."
Deli owner: "What about your management? They should've doe a better job stopping that after he did it the first time. They didn't manage him. Matt Cain would never do something like that."
Me: -____-

So look Pineda, I get it. This isn't a crucifixion or anything. I will say this though, I feel like Matlock or something because I felt like I was in the court of sports law today! Just go out there and kick some butt please! That will shut up all of the haters.

--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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