Monday, April 28, 2014


If Robinson Cano is being truly honest, he should add in the fact that New York still has the greatest fans in the world, but I guess it's only about him, now that he's a multi-millionaire in Seattle.  Don't know what I mean? Keep reading.

In life, you want challenges.  Sure, it's good to have everything be "easy" and "smooth" and "nice", but sooner or later you get "anxious" and "eager" and seek more.  Robinson Cano is content in Seattle, for now.  There's no pressure. There's no aggravation.  Hell, there's no nothing.

According to Newsday, Robinson Cano says of his new team and city: "They've been pretty nice...We're not playing really good lately until Wednesday, but you've still got fans coming over, being so nice and kind to us...I like it here. It's nice. The team's really nice. I like the team, the city. Playing baseball, the fans, it's really nice. Here it's more relaxed. It's not as intense as New York. In New York, when the game is over, everyone is looking at what's wrong. Here we don't have that."

5 times he said NICE. 5. Now either he's at a true loss for words, or he is not able to truly grasp the english language. That's not a slap at Robbie. I remember him in New York, he sounded nothing like this. He sounds like an 11 year old. I know... I have one.

Here's a piece of advice for Robbie. When you come to the Bronx on April 29th, we probably won't be nice.  Why? Because despite the fact that baseball is a business, you handled your dart to Seattle more poorly than rats leaving a flooded sewer. It was JV and pathetic. Now, I love our fans, and I believe that overtime, we will forgive you.  Hell, you are a great player, but there's a difference between being content and being challenged.  Now that you're in Seattle and have already seen New York... you'll soon find out what I mean.

Now, trust me, I'm over it ladies and gentlemen. In fact, many New Yorkers are.  We don't even hear about Robbie much anymore, do we? It's funny how that happens.  But I will say this, when you're fighting for a championship in a 162 game season, "nice" sometimes goes out the window. In the first Yankees / Mariners series will be interesting for Cano because of us fans. Hey, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not so sure I am.

Nice... right?

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