Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Look, I'm the first to admit that I love the doctoring of the ball. And just so you know, everyone does it and everyone used to do it. Look, I'm a child of the Gaylord Perry era and no one did it better than him. I also understand it's cheating, which makes the whole thing seem like a big contradiction because I also know that PED use is cheating... and I hate that.  OK, so sue me...

Tonight, in front of the world, just 2 starts later, Michael Pineda used pine tar on this person after the same team he used pine tar on the last time... and this time, he got caught.  Now, I know that John Farrell wasn't realizing all of this in the dugout tonight.  Farrell had it in his head last night that Pineda was most likely going to get checked in today's game, and that's a smart manager.  You break up the game with alittle examination of the opposing pitcher and even if Pineda doesn't have an illegal substance, you hope the pitcher is thrown off, rattled and distracted a bit. It also wakes up your own club.  Tonight, John Farrell played the odds and did the Red Sox.

But not only does Michael Pineda have pine tar on his neck and screws himself in the process... he also screws the Yankees and with it, changes the whole landscape of the game.  More importantly, and I'm saying this because it's very important... write this down...

If you really need an illegal substance and aren't smart enough to hide it, you clearly have no confidence in your own abilities.  Pineda failed miserably tonight.  It's disappointing. There is no comeback story anymore. Pineda has let his team down and it's pathetic. 

But believe it or not, there was a game tonight. It didn't matter much to the Yankees, because the moment Pineda left the game, the Yankees didn't show up anyway. There were errors and a lack of run scoring.  The wind was out of the sails. It was over in the 2nd. 

The Yankees scored 1 run tonight. Alfonso Soriano had a sacrifice fly and Carlos Beltran was able to score.  That's it. Again, the Yankees had 3 errors. The Yankee bullpen did a good job of holding the Red Sox to only 5 runs, but you also have to understand, John Lackey pitched really good tonight.  I hate saying that, but it's true. You have to wonder... if Pineda was actually dealing and not screwing around, could the Yankees have had a chance?

We have more about this incident in MICHAEL PINEDUH!, but it was clear, the game was lost in that second inning when Pineda was ejected.  It sucks, but we need to move on.  Sadly, the New York media will crucify Pineda tomorrow, and they should. He deserves it.  What a dummy.

Final: Red Sox 5 - Yankees 1

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