Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Baseball for me isn't from February to October. It's a 24/7, 365 day a year thing. I live and breathe it. When baseball is officially in the "off-season", I may be watching football, but baseball is always on the back of my mind. 

Now with the New Year and a few sports obstacles to get through, You have to realize that Spring Training is just around the corner. When I say "sports obstacles", I'm talking about the college football bowls, the NFL playoffs, the Super Bowl, as well as NCAA March Madness. All are "likes" in my book. But baseball... sweet baseball is what I look forward too.  The others are just a countdown to when the Yankees report to Tampa. Can you blame me? 

In the midst of winter, I'm eager to play catch in the backyard with my 6 year old. That's the coach in me I guess. Folks, Spring Training is about 6-7 weeks away.  We need our Yankees fix, don't we? There are new players to take the field, new chapters to be written with the Boston rivals. More importantly, there is a run to reclaim being "Top dog" of the baseball mountain!  I know you're as antsy as I am to get this started. Who can blame us? We love our boys. 

We love our trips to the "House that Jeter" built. Being among the Yankee fans on hand displaying emotions both good and bad is part of the excitement! Am I right?  

Well, to get you in the spirit of Yankee baseball, we're going to help recreate some of those memories. I personally picked two videos that help amp you up for Yankee Baseball. I hope you enjoy them. If this does not motivate you, please check your pulse. 

It's seeing Yankee craze run wild like this that makes me proud to be part of "Yankees Universe". Do you hear me Joel Sherman?  

Enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen.

-- Rudy Laurens, BYB Writer
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