Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Now this is all in good fun. After all, we know Alex Rodriguez is in hot water with this PEDs, suing stuff.  Don't know what I mean? keep reading...

I wanted to report that Dallas Braden, the former Oakland Athletics pitcher has retired.  He is only 30 but hasn't been on a mound since 2011. According to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, Braden is hanging it up:

"Dallas Braden... told me today that he is retiring after failing to come back from multiple shoulder surgeries. 'There is nothing left in there, it’s just a shredded mess,' Braden said by phone. 'I left my arm on the mound at the Coliseum, and I’m OK with that.'"

That's sad. Anytime you have a guy with the heart Braden has make it to the majors, do big things and then break down, well, it stinks.  You know just how hard it is to get there, but these athletes have to stay there too and that's hard, there is always talent and pressures around them.  Braden just got hurt and stayed hurt.

Now, we all remember he and ARod's encounter when Alex was running back to first on a foul ball from the batter and he ran over the mound.  Braden lost it on ARod.

I thought the whole thing was hilarious at the time because I didn't know there was "guy code" when it came to a pitcher's mound, and maybe there really isn't. Maybe he just hates ARod like everyone else.

Anyway. Good luck to Braden. Maybe he'll work in a bank or something.  But here's my question... Does Alex win mound privledges now that Braden retired?

After thinking it over, I'd say no. That dude won't be on a mound until 2015... and maybe never again.   That's also sad... he was once one of the best players ever and he appears to have thrown it all away.

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