Thursday, January 2, 2014


It appears that all that stuff about the Yankees looking at Grant Balfour to be the closer for the New York Yankees is pure speculation. Hey, maybe it isn’t, but according to Mark Feinsand, they aren’t looking to sign a big gun outside the organization to close.  Feinsand of the New York Daily News says, “According to a source, the Yankees aren’t looking to sign a big-money closer, preferring instead to bring in a set-up type reliever to compete with Dave Robertson for the closer’s job.”

DRob has said he’s ready to be the closer, OR set-up guy.  In a nutshell, he’s hinted that he’ll do absolutely anything to help his club win.  That’s a team player. I love that.

I have often wondered if David Robertson could hack being the closer.  I mean, he believes he can, so if I’m running the organization, I hand him the ball. I love when guys believe in themselves.  It makes me all fuzzy inside.  I reminds me of Little League this past spring when a kid that wasn’t the star pitcher on the team kept asking me to pitch because he “could do it.”  I handed him the ball in the second round of the playoffs.  You know what? He did do it.  We lost that game, but he shut them down for a bit and I was damn proud.  Enter DRob, who wants it if they call on him.  I tip my cap.

One thing to note... as a fan though, DRob’s style is quite different than a 1,2,3, 9th inning guy.  I mean, that’s why he’s called Houdini.  He either enters situations and needs to work out of them, or he teases you giving up a single or walk and then strikes out the side.  It’s not automatic. If DRob has the ball, you’re subjected to Houdini Time...  it's the uneasiness of what could come next.  I mean, ultimately, you know the guy will shut them down, but it’s getting there that gives you an ulcer.

It’s unclear if the Yankees will really spend on a guy like Grant Balfour, or if they truly will have a few set-up guys compete for the closer role.  Reading Feinsand’s report, I hand the ball to DRob and we find a set-up guy.  And you know what?

Maybe that set-up guy is Mark Montgomery, and work him toward his ultimate goal of being the closer...babysteps.  Maybe bring him up, teach him the ropes in the Bigs and eventually he or DRob take the closer spot officially.  I can see that happening, I really can.

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