Friday, January 10, 2014


This is a Captain Luc Picard demonstrating what exactly a "face palm" is.

It is the act of dropping ones face into the palm of their hand when what they hear exasperates or angers them. Mostly because what they hear is… well stupid, and annoying. It is also exactly the reaction I had when I heard the latest on Alex Rodriguez.

With the the date for Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz to hand down the verdict fast approaching, Team ARod has decided that they have a master plan. According to the New York Daily News, "Alex Rodriguez will seek and injunction staying his suspension faster than it takes to turn a double play if arbitrator Fredric Horowitz upholds his 211-game doping ban or doesn't slash it to A-Rod's liking."

So what does this mean, you ask? It means that if the ruling by Horowitz isn't what ARod wants to hear, Team ARod will file a legal order making it possible for him to participate in Spring Training, and play in the 2014 season, while the case continues in court.

Annnnddd… face palm!

I have been saying from the very beginning that it is likely that the suspension be reduced to 100 games. But according to a report in CBS Sports, "The Yankee third baseman would likely accept a suspension of 65 games or less without a fight." I somehow think it is highly unlikely that the suspension will be slashed by that much.

They could argue in court that the length suspension is unfair. Technically, ARod is considered a first time offender. The 211-game suspension was broken down at 50 games for a first time offense, 100 for a second, and 61 games for tampering with evidence. If they could get a 65-game suspension, it would put him in par to Ryan Braun, who was also suspended this past season in connection to the Biogenesis scandal. They could also argue that this was all a witch hunt set up by the MLB, Bud Selig, and Rob Manfred.

I have said from the beginning that I believe if he was found guilty that he should be punished fairly. "Fairly" being the operative word. I never believed that 211-games was fair in his case. Not that I am going to campaign for his sainthood. But, as I said previously, he is considered a first time offender. For a first time offender to get a 211-game suspension is simply unheard of. It seems Team ARod agrees, and is willing to take a fair suspension, but no more than that.

I just kind of want this whole thing to be over with. Whatever the verdict, I'm sick of the ongoing drama from both sides of the equation. I'd like to focus on the important things like "who is in our bullpen?" and "how many days until the season starts?" Nevertheless, as long as this ARod Train keeps rolling, I'm here for you with all the latest.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer
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