Sunday, January 12, 2014


According to the world famous Ken Davidoff of the New York Post, the Yankees might have an agreement soon with Scott Sizemore:
This is a good deal to make.  It's a minor league deal, it's inexpensive and could fill the void of someone like Jayson Nix who we lost to the Tampa Bay Rays. Plus, if he performs, he's our 3rd baseman.

Scott Sizemore is a third and second baseman.  He's a decent fielder.  Last season with the A's, he hit .249 with 11 homers.

UPDATE CORRECTION: At quick glance I messed up those numbers above: that was in 2011, not last year.  Sizemore missed all of 2012 and returned to play 2 games in 2013.  Thank you for helping me correct the record, Steve B. I'm not perfect... but I'm trying to be! Good looking out.

In addition to Sizemore, check out the other options the Yankees are looking at.  Read  SECURING THE YANKEE INFIELD NOW THAT AROD IS OUT.

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