Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The picture above is a crack addicted couple in Brazil.  They are un-showered, unkempt, and most likely high on rock, if you read the article attached to it above. It is an addiction like none other and if you fall into the trap, it’s very, very difficult to get out of it.  This woman is also pregnant, which basically means her unborn baby doesn’t have a shot in hell. It’s very sad and if you don’t have a positive role model or family around to help you, you might never get away from the addiction.  It breaks my heart actually.

These are Yankee fans.  We love our club.  Some Yankee fans go to the extreme and even design their bathrooms with Yankee logos.  Many of us have Yankee tattoos, pictures of Derek Jeter on their wall and we chant things like “Quest for 28!”, "Got Rings?" and  "Go Yankees!"  We also have full time jobs, enjoy a few beers and a dog at the stadium once in a while and like to razz the other team… just like millions of fans who love their own clubs.  It’s called being a fan and when you try and compare the two, a crack addict and a Yankee fan, there is no comparison.   

Yankee fans love their club but still manage to get up in the morning, take care of their kids, get them ready for school, most likely with the Yankee cap, and then work all day, putting a portion of our money aside so we can go watch our favorite team at the stadium once in a while with family. It’s an experience really.  When you walk out to your seats and you see the cathedral around you, it’s the greatest sight you will ever see... a treat, not an addiction.

Crack addicts are not Yankee fans.  Now you can’t exactly hammer Joel Sherman for saying what he said the other day.  You need to understand that he was being provocative… but he was also overstepping and will probably be attacked verbally over the next few days.  Now look, if you’re a BYB fan, I am going to make 1 suggestion. Ready?  

Don’t attack Joel Sherman.  Be bigger than that.  You can chalk it up as him being misinformed, foolish, out of touch and yes, provocative. But he’s also a sports writer who was trying to get a rise out of you… and did.  If you’re a BYB reader, I’m going to ask you to do something… ignore it.  Rise up and forget it.  There are other things more important to worry about.   

Sure, we reported on Sherman's "crack addict" comment here at BYB and 1 writer, Erica Morales had an opinion on it. Read YANKEES FANS, DRIVE & JOEL SHERMAN. But we at BYB are going to also move on and as the head of Bleeding Yankee Blue, I ask you, understand what Sherman’s doing and be smarter than him… walk away.   We’re not savages, or crack heads. We’re Yankee fans.  If we go after the guy, it’s makes his point, doesn't it?

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