Wednesday, January 15, 2014


A while back I had a Twitter war with my friend Nicole Hart.  She’s a BYB fan and a Yankee fanatic and the reason why I know that is we chatted a lot about the Yankees over the past few seasons.  She even took a great shot of her wearing the shirt we sent her. Check that out below:

Love that!

Anyway, we’ve had a good time poking fun at the fact that Derek Jeter doesn’t tweet.  I am of the belief that Jeet will NEVER tweet.  Nicole is of the belief that he will one day... and she’s never given up.

We here at BYB have pretended that if Jeter did tweet, he would be jokester with his teammates. Read WHAT IF JEET ACTUALLY DID TWEET? for context and humor on that, and read a few tweets below that were made up by BYB just to get a laugh. Again, these are NOT REAL!

Well now… something has happened.  Derek Jeter “might” have tweeted!  It turns out that Jeter’s foundation, the Turn 2 Foundation has created a Twitter account.  Yesterday, Nicole sent me this Tweet:
I laughed… maybe, just maybe, Jeter will one day soon, start tweeting. Anyway, be sure to follow Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation on Twitter.  The handle is @JeterTurn2.

Thanks for that Nicole, you made my day!

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