Wednesday, December 18, 2013


In the past, we've had some fun with this series.  We did it with Mark Teixeira and the now former Yankee, Curtis Granderson.  Let's have some fun with a Bleeding Yankee Blue favorite, David Robertson, shall we?

First off, let me say this...of course, we all have cute kids. I have 4 that are equally adorable. But seriously dude, what's in the Erin and DRob potion? Love this pic of LRob!
Luke's adorable.  That's the product of 2 good looking people. Damn.

Next, this is a great shot of David and Erin and I love the fact that he, a Yankee, can get excited about the Old Timers of the New York Yankees. Great shot and caption!
And again, have I said this? They are 2 real good looking people.

This is a funny one.

Now, I assuming DRob's taking the picture here and that's not him wearing the shirt.  It's funny. DRob showing some humor, gotta love humor.  I dig it.

David Robertson has some fun pictures in his Twitter feed.  For the record, I like these 2 very much. Good people, great parents and are doing quite well with High Socks for Hope, a charity that BYB got behind early on.  In fact, we interviewed Erin and David about it... Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVEW: HIGH SOCKS FOR HOPE.

I hope you're enjoying this BYB series on the Yankees and their Twitter pics. I find it to be fun, how about you?

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