Monday, December 23, 2013


The Grant Balfour rumor has been exactly that... a rumor.  And it's been that way for most of the off-season. But lately, about the past 24 hours lately, it's been consistently building to be something more and it may be have turned into the perfect storm for the New York Yankees the moment the Baltimore Orioles pulled out of their deal with Balfour, claiming he was hurt.

Now, Balfour claims he's not and that's something that will need to be looked at more closely by the Yankees, but the latest information on the Yankees-Balfour connection is from Kevin Kernan of the New York Post. Kevin writes:

"...the Yankees have shown some interest in closer Grant Balfour, whose two-year deal with the Orioles disintegrated. Balfour has converted 62 of 67 save opportunities the last two years...The Yankees want to give David Robertson the shot to earn the closer’s role and Robertson told The Post on Saturday he is fully prepared to follow Mariano Rivera in the role. The Yankees bullpen has lost much, though, since last season and by adding Balfour they would have an experienced closer who lives for competition. Robertson also said if the team wants him to be an eighth-inning pitcher he will do that again."

By the way, let me stress that I love DRob's attitude.  He's willing to do whatever is needed to better the New York Yankees, be it the closer or 8th inning guy.  Hell, he'd catch if the Yankees asked him too.  That's what makes David Robertson so special.  It also helps, especially if the Yankees want to pull the trigger on Balfour.

And, let me also state that the Yankees are not alone in their pursuit of Balfour.  The Rays are very interested as well and I am sure they will pursue him just as hard.

I tweeted this just a short time ago because I wanted to get a reaction from the Yankee fans.

Many of the Yankee fans have mixed feelings about Balfour.  Some calling him a hot-head, a live-wire and "totally opposite" from Mariano Rivera.  All that is true. But in a post-Mariano world, maybe it's OK to start over with a new type of closer.  It's not a bad thing, after all, the Yankees need that Save consistency going and I can see the Yankee fans excited to see this Balfour guy as their closer.

Truth be told, I have no idea what's going to happen, but I can tell you this;  I would take a chance on Balfour, especially if he's healthy.  Yes, I do want DRob to close for the Yankees, but if he's OK doing either role, that makes my decision easier when pursuing a guy like Balfour.  It means we have another team player in DRob and the combination of DRob and Balfour could prove just as lethal as DRob and Mo.  I believe that.

No, Balfour wouldn't be replacing Mariano Rivera... he'd help to keep the winning consistent in Yankeeland... keeping the saves coming. You can't possibly root against that, can you?

If anything happens with Balfour, we will tell you.  For now... you better be preparing for Christmas ladies and gentlemen... Santa's almost here.

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