Friday, December 20, 2013


I'm done piling on Robinson Cano.  I had an opinion about him being a greed head when he darted to Seattle. Read THE MOST HATED MAN IN THE BRONX for that. Many don't agree with me, they suggest it's his decision to collect as much money as he possibly can, it's his life, his career and I respect your opinion. I just don't agree... we can still be friends.  Again, the piling on by me personally is finished.

That being said, I could not pass up this nugget from the MLB Network.  Gary Sheffield has something to say to Robinson Cano, not that I ever cared what Gary Sheffield said before, but it's interesting.  According to the New York Post:

"...Sheffield, now an agent, says that Robinson Cano will regret going to Seattle for the extra money. 'When you leave New York, you’re gonna feel it,' Sheffield said on MLB Network. 'Just ask guys like Johnny Damon and all these guys that had names and went somewhere else, you didn’t hear anything about them... I think that Cano is a good enough player that you’ll hear about him, but being in a lineup like that — he hasn’t tasted that kind of food yet,' Sheffield said. 'You’ve gotta be the first batter and the second batter all the way through the ninth batter and when you have to go up there every day and face that, you start to realize that money ain’t everything.'”

The full part is below:

Hey, if anything, it's interesting.  It's also in the past and I hate going back, but good work by MLB Network to at least get it.

Enjoy your day today. TGIF.

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