Sunday, December 1, 2013


Just to give you an update on the Robinson Cano saga.  Buster Olney of ESPN reports that Cano doesn't want $300 million and we wrote about that in REPUTATION RULES: CANO WILL LEARN FAST.
Read it, it's an important piece.

Anyway, Buster Olney writes: "Cano, sources said, asked for a nine-year deal at $28 million a year, with a vesting option for a 10th year at $29 million this past week. That deal, at $252 million, would match Alex Rodriguez's 2000 deal with the Texas Rangers in guaranteed value."

Now, if we learned anything, we learned that a deal like that doesn't work.  We're stuck with ARod. And not only that,  look at the Los Angeles Angels. They signed guys like Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols and those players appear to be on the downside as soon as they brought pen to paper.  All I'm saying is, while I appreciate Cano's willingness to come down on the asking price, the price is still to high.

Buster also wrote: "The Yankees, sources told Olney, upgraded their offer to the $170 million range, leaving a gap of about $80 million. According to published reports and information from sources who spoke to, the Yankees had previously offered Cano a seven-year deal worth approximately $160 million."

Look, I say this... 7 years Robbie. Maybe an option for 8, and it should be a done deal.  Those days of 10 or 9 years are over, or at least they should be. 

You're not Michael Jordan, you're Robinson Cano....and the price is wrong Robbie.

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