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I LOVE the Sabathia family. Yup, I said love. I don’t just LIKE them…..I love and admire them and maybe after reading this, you will too...if you don’t already.  I’m not ashamed to admit it. There are certain people I hold in a high regard, and the Sabathias are definitely an example of this because they represent the Yankee franchise both on and off the field.

No matter how “well-off” you are, I think it is always important to give back. The Sabathias created their PitCCH In Foundation and give back to not only the New York area, but also where they are originally from in Vallejo, California. They have touched the lives of many and have made a big difference for a lot of people.

I found an article about recent contributions that the Sabathias made brought to us by the New York Daily News. It honestly touched my heart. It’s that time of the year when you can’t help but hear all of the advertisements on radio and TV. There are so many people out there that are struggling to make ends meet.  I feel like it is highlighted so much more now just because it's the holiday season. But truth be told, the Sabathias do help out year 'round.

(In photo: CC and Kamren)
The one story that I read really stuck out to me. It was about a teenage boy named Kamren. While on a shopping trip, Kamren and CC Sabathia bonded over shoes. When Kamren was having a hard time finding something to fit his size 15 foot, CC was able to not only help him find shoes that day, but months later as well. You can read the rest of his story HERE. It’s nice to help someone while you're in the moment, but to continue to reach out to someone months later really shows how serious CC and his wife Amber Sabathia are in their philanthropic efforts.

I really admire how the Sabathias give so much to both the New York area and where they are from. If you haven’t seen everything the Sabathias have done in their communities, you must check out their official PitCCH In Foundation website. The Sabathias have invested a lot for inner city kids to give them the things they need for a good education and a creative outlet. They have completely renovated a little league field, a local Boys and Girls Club and greatly improved his old High School baseball field. The Sabathias are just as passionate about education and have donated more than 10,000 backpacks to elementary schools filled with school supplies! They care, and they really take the extra effort to touch and inspire the lives of many kids.

The PitCCh In Foundation is also having an exclusive Yankees signed memorabilia auction in coordination with Steiner Sports. All of the proceeds will go toward the JCC Therapeutic Nursery. The nursery helps pre-school aged kids with developmental delays. This auction is going on through the end of the year and you can get more information by going to the Sabathias website at  Also, check out the Steiner Sports website for more information as well. They are HERE. You can literally click on the link and start bidding.

I'm crazy about Amber Sabathia. She has such a passion for helping people and even with all of her co-founder and executive director duties for PitCCH In, she still finds time to expand her education and start her own business adventure! Did you know that she is working on a certificate in Philanthropy at Heyman College at New York University?

On top of that, she just launched her own sports-logo themed clothing line for kids called CCandy. The clothes are fun, bright and she has designed them for more teams other than just the Yankees! Check out to see for yourself...and buy something!  She is still designing and adding more teams. We can’t wait to see what new additions she will have for 2014!

The Sabathias also have some amazing kids.  If you watched Yankees on Deck this past season, you probably caught a glimpse of “Lil C” doing some interviews. This is one of our favorites here at Bleeding Yankee Blue:

You can see that he gets a ton of personality from his parents and they are such a tight-knit family!  Maybe one of these days we will see him playing at Yankee stadium….it could happen.

We are a huge fan of the Sabathias here at Bleeding Yankee Blue and we are working on something very special with them and we will soon have it exclusively here on BYB!  Why? Because they really are the definition of greatness both on and off of the field.

We hope you enjoyed this. And if you care to donate at the PitCCh In Foundation, click HERE. We set up the link. After all, it's the holiday season, time to give back!

Thank you CC and Amber for all your hard work! We applaud you.

--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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