Monday, December 2, 2013


Many saw the writing on the wall for Chris Stewart when the Yankees signed Brian McCann, but did you know the writing is also on the wall for Yankee infielder Jayson Nix? In a word... they could be "NON-TENDERED!"  OK, cue the spooky music.

Now, non-tendered isn't a bad word. In fact, it's not even a bad thing for Chris and Jayson.  All it means is that their time in pinstripes could be over.  Now many of you have emailed me asking, "What does non-tendered mean?"  Well, luckily for you, I am willing to give you news and educate you as well.  Happy to help.

To put it simply and taken from WikiAnswers as to not botch it up for you:

"Non-tendered means that an arbitration-eligible player was not offered a contract by their team. A non-tendered player becomes a free agent available to sign with any team. There is a non-tender deadline which means that teams must tender contracts to those arbitration-eligible players by that date & time or effectively release them to become free agents."

So, in other words,  the Yankees could non-tender both Stewart and Nix because of the recent signings of Brendan Ryan and McCann. Bryan Hoch of writes:

(In Photo: Brendan Ryan)

"Catcher Chris Stewart and infielder Jayson Nix are among those on the bubble as the Yankees steer forward with their arbitration-eligible players. Players who are not tendered contracts before Monday's 11:59 p.m. ET deadline will become free agents."

There you have it... BYB. News, opinion, humor and educator... I'm  making business cards as we speak... I kid, I kid.

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