Monday, December 16, 2013


"We think he's going to be on the roster... One of the reasons the baseball people signed Jacoby Ellsbury is the two of them together present a tremendous dynamic one-two or nine-one, whatever Joe Girardi decides to write in at the top of the lineup."  
--Randy Levine

Nice quote from Levine about Brett Gardner on our friend Ian O'Connor's ESPN radio show yesterday morning.  So, it's confirmed, at least for now that Brett Gardner is going no where this off season.  The truth is, it sounds as though the Yankees want to build around alittle speed and power at the top of the lineup.  I will take that all day long.

Levine also said this:  "One will play left, one will play center, and it's a tremendous defensive situation. So no there's absolutely no intention to move Brett Gardner. We get inquiries about every single one of our players all the time, [GM Brian Cashman] listens, but there's no attempt here to trade or move Brett Gardner."

So, you're asking me, "What's going to happen now?" Look, it's my belief that if there is a 2nd baseman being dangled that is an upgrade from Kelly Johnson, or a starting pitcher that seems to be a perfect fit, look for the Yankees to possibly flip Gardy.  Look, Gardy is safe, but he's safe for now, meaning, no one is truly untouchable, especially if it means bettering a ballclub.

I'll stick by Levine right now. Hopefully he's sincere and honest about Gardy.

In the meantime, when are the Yankees getting pitching?

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