Sunday, October 6, 2013


I've received a ton a emails asking 1 simple question... "What's happening with Girardi?"  The answer is this... when something happens... we will have it for you.

What's the reasoning for posting minute by minute updates on Joe Girardi anyway? I mean, what do we we, or anyone else know? He has an offer... it's supposed to be an offer he can't refuse, read the AP HERE. The Yankees want him back, Brian Cashman wants him back and the Chicago Cubs are expected to go hard to get him if the offer from the Yankees falls through.  The end.  We know nothing new right now and if we do, we will tell you.

BYB tries to bring you the nuggets.  We try and bring you important, new and interesting stuff... not the same stuff everyone else is bringing.  You want speculation? Don't come here.

Look, if you want my take on this contract talks... it goes like this... I watch my son play baseball and while he’s not the best kid on the field, he’ll run through a brick wall for you… as long as you give him the respect he deserves.  That’s the way it should be. Respect is good in baseball, if helps a team win... Girardi gets and gives respect to his players. 

It was evident when he was handed a bunch of spare parts and this broken down club grinded through 85 wins this year.  If the others were back, we would have been in the playoffs.  As my friend Rich said, "If Mark Teixeira's back, we win 88 games.  If Curtis Granderson didn't get hurt, we win 90.  With Derek Jeter back we win 97.  Joe Girardi deserves manager of the Year for all this did this season." Hey, it makes a lot of sense.  The reality is, Joe Girardi got respect from the motley crew he had... because he respected them.   The Yankees see that and they will do all they can to get him back.

When we know something, we'll tell you...promise.

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