Monday, September 9, 2013


Ladies & Gentlemen... the Yankees are stuck.  Much like Winnie the Pooh, stuck in Rabbit's hole... the Yankees can't get on a big winning streak. They also don't suck enough to lose 10 straight. In fact... they're just there. Plus, they're running out of time.

CC Sabathia is having a bad year.  People want to blame everything, even his weight.  I mean there are blogs out there suggesting that he needs to get fat again.  OK, I get the humor, but they're serious! Did you ever think health was important to CC? Leave the big lug alone.  Some are suggesting that his catchers, Austin Romine and Chris Stewart just don't cut it for CC.  Who the hell knows?  I mean sure, you need to trust your catcher and like how he's calling the game and maybe that's coming into play. After all, a catcher isn't exactly a crate.  They need a brain in their head and they need to make their pitcher feel comfortable. I'm not sure if that's an issue either though.  After all, CC is a professional pitcher... he does need to figure this out on his own. Bottom line, he's having a bad year, but guess what, the Yankees are too... it happens.  It sucks, but it happens. 

CC went 7.1 innings tonight giving up 7 hits and 4 runs. It was hardly a bad outing, but the Orioles had better pitching tonight and the Yankees could not score.

The Yankee runs went like this: In the first inning, Alex Rodriguez homered.  In the 8th, Lyle Overbay homered.  The end. The Orioles pitching shut them down.

Final: Orioles 4 - Yankees 2.

The Yankees need a run if we have any shot at a playoff spot... and we're running out of time.

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