Saturday, September 21, 2013


Sometimes wins on a certain day are because of momentum from the day before.  There is no doubt in my mind that with confidence high after last night's win, the Yankees were eager to win another today, BIG TIME. In other words, they felt good! Some players probably showed up alittle earlier at the ball park today.  Some of the Yankees had a skip in their step today.  Yankeeland was ready and when the began, there was nothing getting in the way of 2 wins in a row.

Ivan Nova pitched a gem. 9 strong, 6 hits allowed... that's it.  He struck out 7. He was in command, he looked terrific and it was needed.

The hitting was just as great, and you know me, there is nothing better than when hitting and pitching work together.  It started in the 3rd, Ichiro Suzuki sacrificed Mark Reynolds home. Then, Alex Rodriguez knocked in Brendan Ryan on a ground out.  Robinson Cano knocked in Chris Stewart in the same inning.

In the 4th, Eduardo Nunez hit a 2 run home run.  "Nunie hit one to the moonie", John Sterling said. At that point I spilled Snapple all over my lap as I was driving home from a Little League game.  More on that in a moment. In the 6th, Alfonso Soriano homered.  Those are your 6... and now the Yankees have won 2 in a row.  Tomorrow will be a big day... get some rest ladies and gentlemen.

Final: Yankees 6 - Giants 0

Now onto my Little League rant.

I believe in confidence and baseball. I believe that if you are spoken to with respect on the field, that if you respect the game and if you have confidence on the baseball field... you can accomplish anything.  My son's team lost today, but they didn't lose because of anything other than the way they were treated. They were beaten down, not beat... you understand?

Sometimes coaches get too wrapped up in their own arrogance and don't think clearly as to why they are there. They are clouded with ego.  I believe that if my son's team was given the proper respect today, the proper confidence... the outcome would have been different.  I watched the game, but I was watching body language of coach toward players more.  Kids pick up on that too you know, and I know they had no belief in themselves by the 4th inning.  I didn't like what I saw, neither did the parents. Was it our kids fault? No. You can't ask an 11 year old to "suck it up and play!" (Harsher words were used.)  In other words, encouragement must follow criticism if your a coach. That's Little League Coaching 101.  If it doesn't, no one wants to play for that coach.  Let's just say... the outcome today was not a Yankee win... in fact, it wasn't a win at all.

Sorry... had to get that off my chest. For any Little League coach out there that needs a lesson about character building, mentoring and coaching... it's this: Respect the kids and they will run through brick walls for you. Treat them with disrespect... and you'll eventually be the only one on the field, with no one respecting you.

Write that down...

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